I've been a portrait and wedding photographer since 2006. I am based out of El Paso, Texas but have photographed weddings and engagement sessions in Dallas, Austin, Marfa, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York and several cities in Mexico. I have a suitcase and a passport that loves to get used. Holla at me:)


Wedding Packages start at $3000 for full weddings. However, hourly coverage and boutique packaging also available. Please contact me for full pricing information and to chat about your wedding day.


Your gorgeous images weren't meant to stay on a computer and get seen only on a screen. It's so important to me that all of my portrait packages include physical prints along with the digital versions. I also offer albums, canvas wraps and ordering sessions are now available for all my clients upon request.


About me

Hello there, lovely ones…

My name is Cristina and I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in El Paso, Texas. I live in a pale pink house with my husband and three quickly growing kiddos. It’s where I work, play, get creative, write, think deep thoughts and drink lots of coffee. Truth be told, I didn’t set out to be a photographer but I have always loved photography. I still remember looking through the pages of my grandmother’s National Geographic magazines as a child and thinking those portraits were pure MAGIC. I always felt like a great photograph made me want to close my eyes and pretend to watch them come to life and I did that… often.

It wasn’t until I moved to California with my husband that I asked for better camera for my birthday and got it. I wanted a camera with a big lens attached to it so I could photograph people from a distance. It was a Minolta and it was my first film baby. Before I knew it, I was trading that camera in for a digital version only a few months after I gave birth to my first child. The love I had for capturing people only multiplied once I had her. Now, this is my way of life. It’s what I’ve done for 10 years. (I still can’t get over that.)

 I believe…

I believe that life is about those in-between moments. I believe that life is somehow always messy and beautiful at the same time. I believe that life and the people we love deserve to be captured in a way that is real, true and poetic.

I am…

  • resting in His Grace and His promises
  • writing and storytelling
  • giggling, snuggling, and dancing in the kitchen with my kids
  • drinking some coffee and searching for chocolate
  • renovating and decorating
  • longing for a good nap by the ocean
  • keeping my eyes open for miracles
  • appreciating the little things…always
  • figuring it out just like everyone else

Featured on:

  • The Knot
  • Belle the Magazine
  • The City Magazine
  • 7 Centerpieces


Perfection is overrated.

Give me all things messy beautiful.

Hi! I loooooovveeee them!! You are amazing! There are some images where you did catch him smiling, which there are more than I had expected. I love where’s he’s hanging upside down. Totally captures his personality 😀 Thanks for being so patient, the photographs are just awesome!! You never cease to amaze me! Hugs! – Vanessa Quinones
YAYYY!!!! JUST SAW THE PHOTOSSSS!!! THANK YOU!! BEST WEEK EVER. haha. They look beautiful ❤️ I didn’t realize it took so long to upload that many photos.. kinda just dawned on me right now. I work with a lot of photographers (as a Creative Director).. normally turnaround time is 2-4weeks for like 20-40 photos. But.. dang.. you have to work with hundreds of photos! That’s nuts. Really appreciate all your hard work, patience and care. – Yannell Rodriguez
I got the link with the photos and every single photo is just so beautiful!! Thank you for capturing such happy moments from our day!! You are truly such a phenomenal photographer and artist, and we are so glad you could share our day with us. We will cherish these for the rest of our lives. Thank you so, so much! – Pam Holtz Cruz